Foundation – Year 4

In Eblana, we celebrate the uniqueness of each child, challenge them to reach their potential, and encourage them to become confident decision-makers who are prepared to take risks and explore their independence.

During these vital five years from Foundation (Prep) to Year 4, our students are supported and guided through a broad range of learning opportunities.

With a primary focus on laying solid foundations in literacy and numeracy, our Learning and Teaching program is designed to inspire learning, encourage curiosity, questioning, and age-appropriate risk-taking.

In support, the Eblana Campus follows the RULER Wellbeing Framework of monitoring and articulating social and emotional intelligence.

Welcome to Eblana

Learn more about life at the Eblana Campus with Jess Richards – Head of Eblana.

Wellbeing and Immersive Learning

Led by a classroom teacher, our students are also mentored by as many as nine specialist teachers. Varied teaching styles and expertise create an inspiring environment that stimulates wide-ranging perspectives, flexibility, and greater opportunities for connectedness. On arriving at 鶹Ƶ, each student is appointed to one of ten Houses for life. House spirit and belonging are integral to our wonderful community feel in Eblana and the wider School Community.

A Holistic Education

Further to the intensive key learning areas of literacy and numeracy, our program includes a strong science and environmental program, humanities, and technologies, together with language and spiritual programs. All Eblana students study the Chinese language and culture.

Complementing our academic program is a vibrant arts program, which immerses our students in the joys of music, theatre, drama and visual arts. Students have many opportunities to perform and display their artistic talents at Eblana’s regular assemblies, concerts and at whole-school events.

Sport and healthy activities are embedded within 鶹Ƶ’s culture. All Eblana students have the opportunity to develop their physical skills and participate in House events, team sports, and fun sports days.

Developing leadership skills is also a key characteristic of life in Eblana. All students are encouraged to be classroom and campus leaders, public speakers, and active community service participants. Many opportunities exist for students to explore these valuable lifelong skills.

Eblana is a place where each child is supported and nurtured to develop their best self. Our learning seeks to target the point of challenge for each student intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. Students in Eblana feel a great sense of connection to their school, demonstrating engagement and excitement in all aspects of school life.