At 鶹Ƶ we recognise that student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are intricately linked, and understand the importance of fostering programs that enhance the development of the social and emotional competencies of our students. Our Wellbeing program supports our students to be happy, healthy and high achieving.

Every staff member plays a role in our Wellbeing program, which includes specialised support from our professional team of Psychologists, Careers Counsellors, Chaplains, and Nurses… together with our furry team of therapy dogs!

Our Mentor program forms the structured support students experience each day and is tailored to the different needs of every year level.

In addition, Learning Enhancement and Enrichment specialists underpin our proactive approach to supporting students’ academic development.

Our Careers and Pathways Team support each student’s learning journey and transition to life beyond School.

These key supports build relationships of trust and respect with students and provide a safe environment to explore their individual goals and develop proactive strategies to achieve them.

Our staff also work to ensure that new students experience a smooth transition into our School and benefit from the same level of high-quality professional and personalised support enjoyed by all our current students.

Wellbeing at 鶹Ƶ is about offering social, emotional, psychological, spiritual and practical support by helping students to connect with their own inner resources and community.

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